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SCANDAL To Provide Anime Movie Theme Song & New Single Announced!

The popular girls band「SCANDAL」will be singing the theme song to the movie「Pokemon • The • Movie XY Hakai no Mayu to Dianshi」, which will open in theatres on 19th July.

The same movie series that have started since year 1998 has seen Kobayashi Sachiko (60), Amuro Namie (36), PUFFY etc. taking charge of the theme song. Last year, Ikimono gakari has came to perform「Egao」at the same year end’s NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen, in which the hit song became a treasure.

SCANDAL is the popular girls band in the hearts of teenage females. In year 2012, they realised the fact of being the first female band in history to make it to the Nippon Budokan in the fastest (amount of time). The 4 members said, “The first movie I ever watched since being born is Pokemon” (Guitar’s MAMI), “When I was in primary school, the topic during break times were always Pokemon” (Bass’ TOMOMI), and were big fans of the work. The executive producer of the same movie, Asai Mitome said, “It is best to have the theme song taken charge of by someone who loves the World of Pokemon,” and thus (the band) was being used for the role.

The title (of the song) is「Yoake no Ryuuseigun」(Meteor Shower At Dawn). The lyrics were penned by TOMOMI, while singer-songwriter Tanaka Hidenori composed it.

TOMOMI said, “Pokemon was our youth. I think the work this round will have many kids watching the movie for the first time as well. It’s the same as us hugging in excitement and being moved at the time, no, it’ll go pass that and have you bring something home. It was created with the best of our abilities.

The single is to be released on 16th July 2014.

Original article at Sponichi HERE, translated by me.

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